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    4. Mercury (Budhan)

    Located Place: Thiruvenkadu (Its Near Thirukadaiyur)

    Deity: Swetharanyeswarar Goddess: Brahma vidya Ambal, Brahma vidyambigai (Nayaki)

    Thala Virutcham: Alamaram

    Theertham: Surya Theertham, Agni Theertham, And Chandra Theertham (Mukkulam)

    Temple Worship time: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM & 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM

    Temple contact no: 04364-256424

    About Thiruvenkadu:

    The village located near Thirukadaiyur – Mailaduthurai south India. And the main deity is Swetharanyeswarar and his consorts’ vidyambigai. And it’s only one temple for Mercury (Navagraha in Tamil nadu).

    There is a separate Sanctum (Sannidhi) for Mercury (Budhan).

    And the temple constructed during the period of 10 th century. And constructed and renovated by chola.

    There is a separate Sanctum (Sannidhi) for Mercury (Budhan).


    Swetharanyeswarar (Agoramoorthi) is the main God in this temple. It is said that Agora Moorthi was one of the furious incarnation of Lord Shiva. There was an immoral person named "Maruthuvasuran" in Thiruvengadu. And He had a deep meditation (yoga) on Lord Brahma for power (Gods will power). After meditation he satisfied Lord Bhrama and Bhrama offered him many powers.

    But he utillaised those powers in a wrong ways. He started to torture the saints and innocent people. Having nothing to do, all the saints and people requested Lord Shiva to put an end to this evil. As they asked.

    Then Shiva suggested the Devas to go to Thiruvengadu and reside there in camouflage. Thereafter, Lord Shiva sent his Vahanam (or vehicle) – Nandi (bull) to fight the demon.

    Nandi conquered the demon and threw it into the sea. After that, the demon acquired Sula from Shiva through severe penancae. After getting the Sula the demon returned with larger strength to attack the innocent crowd. Again, the Devas requested Shiva to save them, another time Nandi was sent by Shiva.

    But, this time Nandi could not defeat the demon because the demon had Sula (given to him by Shiva). Thus, the demon injured Nandi badly with the Sula. The wounds on the back of Nandi can be seen on his idol. Enraged by the wound of Nandi, Lord Shiva opened his 3rd eye and killed the demon. The Agoramoorthi form of Shiva which can be seen in the idol is the expression of his anger. It is also said that one who worships this form (Agoramoorthi) of Lord Shiva can never have enemies.

    Lord Shiva took his incarnation 'Agora Moorthi' and killed the 'Maruthuvasuran under a tree (which is now in Thiruvengadu temple, back to the entrance of Agora moorthi). All the people thanked Lord Shiva for saving them. The place is called by other names like Swetaranyam, Adi Chidambaram and Nava Ntirya Stala.

    There are several shrines of significance in this well visited temple, including those to Durga and Kali. The image of Nataraja here is of great beauty. Worship to Aghoramurthy (Veerabhadrar) is said to be of significance on Sunday nights in this temple. As found in Chidambaram, there is also a shrine for Lord Vishnu near the shrine for Nataraja. This temple is known as Adi Chidambaram because before Lord Shiva first danced here before dancing in Chidambaram.

    Indiran, Airavatam, Budhan, Sun God Sooriyan and Moon God Chandiran are said to have worshipped God Shiva here.


  • The chariot festival which is celebrated every year in the month of February. This Chariot festival is celebrated for 10 days. On 5th day a special occasion is celebrated for Lord Agora Moorthi. People from many surrounding villages would come here and pray here for their better life.
  • Travel Information: Thirukadaiyur to Thiruvenkadu 16 Km (20 Min).