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    2. Moon (Chandran)

    Located Place: Thingalaur (Its Near Kumbakonam).

    Deity: Kailasanathar Goddess: Periyanayaki.

    Thala virutcham: Vilva.

    Theertham: Chandra Theertham (Cauvery theertham).

    Temple Worship time: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM & 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

    Temple contact no: 04362-262499.

    About Thingalur:

    The word of Thingal Means “Moon”.

    The village located near Kumbakonam south India. And the main deity is Viswanathar and his consorts Usha Devi and Pratyusha Devi. And it’s only one temple for Moon (Navagraha in Tamil nadu).

    There is a separate Sanctum (Sannidhi) for Chandran.

    And the temple constructed during the period of 7 th in between 10 th century. And constructed and renovated by Rajasimma Pallava.

    History: (SthalaVaralaru)

    This Chandra Sthalam (Thingalur) is associated with the life of Tirunavukkarasar, he is one of the 63 Nayanmars. Legend says that there lived a merchant, Appoodi Adikal, at Thingaloor Kumbakonam, who was a devotee of Tirunavukkarasar.

    Appoodi Adigal had an opportunity to host the saint, when he visited Thingaloor. At the same time, his son was bitten by a snake. However, the merchant continued to serve the saint without revealing the tragedy.

    The saint was inspired by his devotion and restored the boy’s life by singing songs in praise of Lord Shiva at this temple. This collection of ten songs came to be known as ‘Thirupathikam’.

    Chandran (Moon) is one of the biggest planets illuminating in the sky. It is the second planet among the Navagrahas and controls our human mind. Sage Atri was ordained by Brahma to construct the worlds and the Maharishi went into a deep meditation. Divine light emanated from the eyes of Atri. The Dikpaalakaas could not bear the light and through it into the sea of milk, Chandra and Lakshmi were born out of the sea.

    Thus Chandra is the brother of Lakshmi. He is also described as the left eye of Lord Vishnu. During the churning of the sea milk, elixir was produced. Lord Vishnu, in disguise as Jaganmohini, distributed the elixir among the gods. Two daanavas by name Rahu and Ketu by stealth tried to drink the elixir. At that time Chandra hinted to Lord Vishnu about the cheating of Rahu and Ketu. Vishnu beheaded both with his Sudarshana Chakaram. That is why Rahu and Ketu entertain a grudge of Chandra him on some days by eclipsing him.

    It is here that Chand ran prayed to Lord Siva and got his blessings. Shiva blessed Chandran with the power to grow back to full size in 15 days after being consumed by Rahu. That is why we have the waxing and waning moon. Shiva also blessed Chandran by adorning Chandran on his forehead so that anyone who prays Shiva will have to pray Chandran.

    History: (Purana/SthalaVaralaru)

    Another story for waxing and waning period of chandranis, King Dakshan gave all his 27 daughters in marriage to Chandran. Those 27 wives of Chandran are the 27 stars in Tamil Calendar. As Chandran’s favourite was Rohini and he spent most of his time with her, the others complained about this to their father. King Dakshan asked Chandran to treat all of them equally, which Chandran refused. An angry Dakshan, cursed Chandran that all his beauty and brightness will disappear slowly every day..

    A worried Chandran, on the advice of Lord Brahma, then performed penance on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared before him and adorned his forehead with the crescent-shaped Chandran. Shiva then came to be known as Chandrasekaran also. He blessed Chandran to regain his beauty and brightness slowly day by day. This waxing period of the moon is called SuklaPaksham or Valarpirai. Chandran gets back all his beauty and attains full brightness on Full moon day or pournami. From Pournami to the full moon day he again starts losing his beauty and brightness till the New moon day or Ammavasai. This waning period of the moon is called Krishna Paksham or Theipirai.


  • Mahashivarathri in Masi (February-March).
  • Margazhi Tiruvadhirai (December-January).
  • Panguni Uthiram in March-April, Karthigai in November-December.
  • Travel Information: Thirukadaiyur to Thingalur 87 Km (2 Hr 20 Min).