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    7.SaneeswaranTemple (Thirunallar)-Saturn

    Located Place: Thirunallar (Its Near Thirukadaiyur)

    Deity: Dharbaranyeswarar Goddess: Sri Bohamaartha, Sri Poonmulaiyaal

    Thala Virutcham: Dhurba (Durbai)

    Theertham: Nala Theertham, Brahma theertham, Vani Theertham

    Sanctum: Dharbaranyeswarar and Shani Bahwan

    Temple Worship time: 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM

    Temple contact no: 04368-236560.

    About Thirunallar:

    The Thirunallar located near Karaikal south India. And the main deity is Dharbaranyeswarar and his consorts’ Sri Bohamaartha. And it’s only one temple for Saturn (Sani) (Navagraha in Tamil nadu).

    And the temple constructed during the period of 12 th century. And constructed by chola.

    Historical name of thirunallar is “Dharbaranyam Aadhipuri, Naleswaram and Nalavidanger.

    Separate shrines for the consort of Oppiliappan Perumal (Vishnu) , and the Deity is Bhumi Devi (Lakshmi).

    “It’s one of the Place of Sapthavidanga sthalam (Out Of Seven)”.

    The Place called as “Adhipuri “(Brahma then had the divine sculptor to construct a temple).

    Saneeswran known as “Sanicharan“.

    The temple is revered by the verses of (Appar) Thirunavukarasar Sundarar (Sundaramoorthy) and Thiru Gnana Sammandar hence referred as Padal Petra stalam. (52nd Place out of 276).

    Uppiliappan is considered the elder brother of the presiding deity of Tirupathi Venkateshwara Temple.

    Thirunallaru is also the place where Thiru Gnana Sambandhar’s hymns on Dharbarenyeswara was thrown into the Agni (Fire) and was revived without even a slightest burn during a religious duel that took place between the Jains in Madurai and Sambandhar. Hence the place also came to be known as ‘Pachai Padhigam Petra Thalam”.

    The temple is counted as the fourteenth in the list of divyadesams in Chola Nadu and 83rd in the overall list.

    Last Consecration Ceremony (Kumbabishegam) at 24.03.2006.


    The temple Sthala Virtcham (Sacred plant) Is Dharbai and its used for Pooja According to Legend in ancient time this region was densely covered with Dharbai Plants. And it’s believed the Deity of the temple appeared in mid of the planet (Dharaba).

    And this temple specialty of Lord Saneeswaran. And he is the son of Suryan and Chayadevi.

    The God of Sanesswaran wife name called as Jeshtadevi Amman.

    King Nala:

    He is the ruler of Nidatha kingdom and his wife is Dhamayanthi (Prince).King of Nalan under Sani Dasha (Thisai) and he faced lot of issues and he go several ordeals after that The king Nalan Met Sage Bharatwaj and he advised to pray the Thirunallar Saneeswarn Temple and King Nalan Visit temple take.

    A dip in this temple theertham and worship lord Shiva its believed that when Nalan entered the sanctum to worship the lord and the Sani left him there itself as Sani was afraid to enter into the sanctum along with Nalan in his Hymn, Saint Gnana Sammandar mentioned about King Nalans worship.

    Nalan worshiped the lord with Flowers Deepa (Dheepa vazipadu).

    God shiva not only relived nalan from sanis Grip but also gave sani the tittle of lord and asked him to stay here itself.

    At the same time here Sani Is Known as Sani “Eswaran” and the place also be called as

    ‘Thirunallaru” (Thiru + Nalan +Aru)

    Nalan – The King of Nalan

    Aru – Meaning of Healing in Tamil

    Now the name called as “Thirunallar“

    Lord Maha Vishnu:

    Lord Maha Vishnu worshiped the lord here for Santana Prapthi (Child boon) and he was blessed with a kid called Manmathan (The God of Love). At the time granting Dharson to lord Mahavishnu lord shiva was accompanied by goddess Parvathi with lord Kandan in between them.

    Pleased with that form of dharson, lord mahavishnu named that posture as “Somas Kanda moorthi “and he requested lord shiva to stay here and bless other devotiees as well.its belived that this posture called “Somaskandar”and the origin of thirunallaru.

    Arunagirinathar sang a song for Lord Murugan (Thirupgaz):

    Lord Indran also be seeking child when he came to know that lord mahavishnu had been with a child, he sought his advice. Lord Mahavishnu gave lord indran the shivalinga that he had used for worship. Indran started worship the lingam in his celestial world and was blessed with two children the name of “Jayanthan” and “jayanthi“.

    And it’s belived lord Mahavishnu, Brahma, Indran, and the Goddess Sarasvati, Ashtathik Balakas.sage Agasthiyar andsage Pulasthiyar, Hamsan.King Arjunan, King Nalan,Varusha Rajan all worshiped the lord In this place.

    And the place one of sapthavidangam (Out of 7 Places).

    Other shrines in this temples are Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, in entrance Swarna Ganapathy and Murugan, Natarajar, Kalahasthinathar Pichandavar, (Nalvar out of 63 Nayanmars.

    The Goddess Lakshmi Bhiravar Nalanarayanaperumal placed around the temple.

    The Linga Worshiped by king Nalan (Sri Naleswarar) Shivalingam in the name of rest of the saptha vidanga temples and the lingas worshiped by Ashtatik Balakas can also be seen in the corridors.


    The God Saneeswaran idol only has two hands and the right hand hold the “Abhaya Mudra “in this Abhay Mudra disposal of fear and unwanted things.

    And lord Saneeswaran usually four hands for all temples except (Thirunallar and Thillaiyadi) And the Both temples are very special.

    ABHYA MUDRA –Sanskrit Meaning.

    ABHYA – Fearlessness.

    Mudra – Peace, protection (dispelling of fear).

    All Devotees are believing that by worshiping the lord here all “ Doshas” related to “Sani “will be remove.

    The God Saneeswaran idol only has two hands and the right hand hold the “Abhaya Mudra “in this Abhay Mudra disposal of fear and unwanted things.

    The God Saneeswaran idol only has two hands and the right hand hold the “Abhaya Mudra “in this Abhay Mudra disposal of fear and unwanted things.


  • Sani Peyarchi it’s the important festival here and the transition of Saturn and it happens once every two and half years (2.1/2) (Zodiac).
  • All Saturdays special for Lord Saneeswaran.
  • Purattasi full moon day (the month of Sept – Oct) Special Pooja’s performed to the Emerald Shiva Linga.
  • 18 Days Brahmotsavam (the month of Vaikasi).
  • Travel Information: Thirukadaiyur to Thirunallar 25 Km (40 Min).