Poornabishegam Also known as "Maha Mritthun jaya shanthi" is a Hindu ceremony celebrating the 100th birthday of a male, akin to the renewal of marital vows.

The Age of 60 we are celebrating Shasti apda Poorthi and then Celebrating 70 Years called Bheema Ratha Shanthi after reaching 80 Years as a Mile stone each and every personnel and the 80th year celebration called “ Sadhabishegam “and the 90 Years Celebration called “ Kanakabishegam “. 100 years is POORNABISHEGAM.

Reaching of 100 years (Husband and his wife) is greatest achievement of life.

For a span of time he handle all his responsibilities in his life in best way. And transfer all his duties to in his kids at this movement time period. And the same time all the family members are doing with joy and happy.

The choice of the place to carry out tradition could be a pilgrim town a temple a river bank or ever one residence.

As part the celebrations the couple children perform their Parents second wedding. This reason for a grand family reunion to incorporate an important event in the couples married life.

“ POORNABISHEGAM”(Maha Mritthun Jaya Shanthi) Refers to a Hindu ritual that is celebrated when the male partner completes his 100th Birth day. It’s regarded as a renewal of marital vows and marks the transition from the material to the spiritual world.

Since the couple for whom the Poornabishegam is performed are great by all means as afore said, they are taken in a procession on an elephant or horse drawn chariot or a decorated car along the streets of the village or town with Veda Narayan am and after visiting a temple they give charity.

It is also a great moment of joy for all relatives and a time for family reunion and forgetting past mistakes and hurts! It is also said that after the Poornabishegam whatever the couple say will come out correct (at least for that day when the event is done).

“So we must to take blessings for our spiritual and then material benefits from them that day”.