Near By Temples (Panchalingam)

PlaceThillaiyadi,Porayar, Olugai Mangalam, Kottupalayam, Devanur.
Moolavar (Main Deity) vishvanathan and Vishalatchi
Old Year 1000 to 2000 years.

About Panchalingam:

Panchalinga situated south of famous river Cauvery and the town of (Thillaiyadi,Porayar, Olgai Mangalam, Kottupalayam, and Devanur. which is NagapattinamDistrict between 25 kms from Mayiladuthurai. And 3 Km from Thirukadaiyur. And15 km from Thirunallar (Karaikal).Tamil nadu. South India.

The Deity of this Temple is Sri Kasi Viswanathar and the consort is Shri Vishalakshi

  • The temple is Equivalent to Kasi Viswanathar (Kasi)
  • The God of Kasi viswanathar same linga statue on the five places and there is no changes inbetween the lingas.
  • The linga name called as (Pana Linga) at each places.
  • In this linga temple constructed by 10th century.

Frequent public transport is available from Mayiladuthurai and Chidambaram, Karaikal, Thirunallar, Thirukadaiyur to here to you for easy worship at temple.

“Ifyou visit Pancha lingas with in one day is equal to visit of Kasi Five index.htmls” we will get god’s grace and peace of mind