The Age of 60 we are celebrating Shasti apda Poorthi and then Celebrating 70 Years called Bheema Ratha Shanthi after reaching 80 Years as a Mile stone each and every personnel and the 80th year celebration is called as Sadabishegam

Reaching of 80 years is greatest achievement of every men’s life and good health and mind. For a span of time he handle all his responsibilities in his life in best way. And transfer all his duties to in his kids at this movement time period. And the same time all the family members are doing with joy and happy.

"Nithyannadaatha, Tharunaagnihothree, Maasopavaasee cha Pathivrathaa cha || Vedanthavith ChandraSahasrajeevi Shatjvandaneeyaa Mamajeevaloke“ - Krishna Bahwan

One who does annadaanam daily One who has performed Soma Yaaga at young age and continuing with Agnihothram daily (Soma Yaagam should be performed before the hair grays).Maasopavaasam is a Prayaschitta Karma and who has performed this (Some opine that Maasopavasam means night fasting on Amavasai, Pournami and Sundays, day fasting on Ashtami and Chaturdashi and full fasting on Ekadashi throughout their life).

A woman selflessly serving her husband without minding the hardship One who has studied Vedas and Upanishads with meaning and follows what is said in that One who has seen 1000 full Moon. It is said that on this occasion Devas, prabhus and Pithrus visit the performer’s house and rejoice.One who has seen 1000 full Moon. It is said that on this occasion Devas, prabhus and Pithrus visit the performer’s house and rejoice

In olden days the person on his sathaabhishekam would have had great grand –son through son (son’s son’s son). The person is able to see three generation of his progeny and is relieved of all his sins.He is worshipped by all and most important thing that we should do is that we should offer Namaskaram to such persons.He is worshipped by all and most important thing that we should do is that we should offer Namaskaram to such persons.

It is explained that a person having completed the age of 80 years, 10 months would have passed through 1000 moon (either full moon can be reckoned or Modoroju/ moonram Pirai).(29 days has one full moon and if one calculates by the number of days for the period given it crosses 1000 full moons exactly.) It is full moon days which has to be counted to reckon the herb-collective energies of the full moon and to signify the completion or poornatwam and not new moons as some follow.

This is a shanti Karma to ward off the impediments of health and other factors of ageing. In this function doing Poojas, and japa, homas to following devathas are worshipped:Brahmain his five appearances - namely Prajapathy; Hiranyagarbha; Parameshtee;Chathurmukha and Brahma.

He worshipped using Khumbha - brahmam or 5 Kalasam .After Japa, homas and puja the holy water from the Kumbham is used for performing the Abhishek am of the individual.5 Kalashas are kept. Daanam, Nireekshitha Aajya daanam etc are part of the rituals. (Everyone irrespective of age does the Abhishek am as the couple are equivalent to Rudradevata and Brahmamaitreya combined at that time!)

Shiva, (mruthyunjaya rudra)

Vishnu (Lakshmi Narayana)

Navagraha (Sooriayn-Sun, Chandran-Moon, Angarahan-Mars,. Budhan-Mercury, Guru-Jupiter, Sukran-Venus, Saneeswaran-Saturn, Ragu- (North Luner Node), Kethu-(South Luner Node)

Seven ‘chiranjevies’ (immortal souls), namely

  • Aswathama
  • Mahabali
  • Sage Vyasa
  • Hanuman
  • Vibheshena
  • krupacharya
  • Parasurama

Gods for directions. These are: Indra; Agni; Yama; niruruthy; varuna; Vayu; kubera;esana, etc

Ekadasa Rudra japam (Rudra Ekadasinee) with Mahanyasa .Rudrabhishekam.kramarchana is also performed on the previous day of Sathabhishekam. It is a Maha Prayashchitham to rid of all the sins and to invoke the blessing of Shiva

“This function is performed to father or grand-father by son, daughter, grandson, relations “

It is one of the sacred duty of the children to arrange this for the elders. Performing of Rudra Ekadasi, Maangalya daaranam, Sumangali Prarthanai etc are performed as per customs prevalent in the family.Since the couple for whom the Sadhabishegam is performed are great by all means as afore said, they are taken in a procession on an elephant or horse drawn chariot or a decorated car along the streets of the village or town with Veda Narayanam and after visiting a temple they give charity

It is also a great moment of joy for all relatives and a time for family reunion and forgetting past mistakes and hurts! It is also said that after the “sathabhishekam” , whatever the couple say will come out correct (at least for that day when the event is done.)So we must to take blessings for our spiritual and then material benefits from them that day.