Shasti aptha Poorthi:

Shasti Poorthi Also known also as "Shasti Abda Poorthi" or "Ugraratha Shanthi" or மணிவிழா (Mani vizha)
it's a Hindu ceremony and its celebrating the 60th birthday of a male, akin to the renewal of marital vows.

Shasti apda Poorthi now the days called Shasti Poorthi is celebrated the age completion of 60 years for male. Shasti Aptha Poorthi word from Sanskrit. In the meaning of

  • Shasti –Sixty,
  • Abtha – year,
  • Poorthi -Completion.

Lifetime as in Hinduism of 120 years is considered. The half of the period is one in life the sixty year in one’s life is a significant milestone and memorable turning point a touching reminder of the rich mellowed life that would unfold in the years to come.

The Hindu calendar has 60 years and again it's repeat every years in a sequence. Shasti Poorthi (Shastiapthapoorthi) makes completion of one such cycle. Tamil calendar Prabhava, Vibhava, and sukla……Akshaya, etc,

“The Shasti Poorthi and should be performed in the first year and same month and day of birth according to the Indian zodiac”

This is consider to be best option. In case it's not possible to time exactly on the same day the allowance is given to perform convenient day during and before of completion of Sixty years.The choice of the place to carry out tradition could be a pilgrim town a temple a river bank or ever one residence. But it’s good for temples.

As part this celebrations the couple children's are perform their Parents second wedding. This reason for a grand family reunion to incorporate an important event in the couples married life.“Shasti aptha poorthi” (Shasti Poorthi) Refers to a Hindu ritual that is celebrated when the male partner completes his 60th Birth day. It’s regarded as a renewal of marital vows and marks the transition from the material to the spiritual world

As part of the celebrations the couple's children perform their parents' second wedding. This is reason for a grand family reunion to incorporate an important event in the couple's married life