Thillaiyadi Sri Periya Nayaki Sametha Saranagatha Ratchagar temple

Name: Thillaiyadi
Historical Name: Thillaiyali, Vilvatharanyam
Moolavar: SaranakathaRatchagar (Sarntharai Kathaswamy)
Urchavar: Natarajar
Amman/Thayer: PrahanNayaki, (PeriyaNayagi Amman )
Thala Virutcham: Vilvam,
Theertham: Sakkara Theertham (Tank), SthalaMoorthigalSani(Saneeswaran), Agastya (Agasthyamunivar) ,CholaVinayagar
Old Year: 1000 to 2000 years
Opening Time: 6.00 AM TO 1.00PM and 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM
Last Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony) took Place on 04.12.2016

About Thillayadi
Thillaiyadi is one of the important temples in the Chola country situated south of famous river Cauvery which is Nagapattinam District between 25 kms from Mayiladuthurai. And 3 Km from Thirukadaiyur. And 15 km from Thirunallar (Karaikal).Tamil nadu. South India..

The Deity of this Thillaiyadi Temple is Sri SranagathaRatchagar (Sarntharaikaatha Swamy) andthe consort is Shri PrahanNayahi (PeriyaNayaki).

  • The temple is Equivalent to Chidambaram (AkayaSthalam - Atmospheric of wisdom) The God of Nataraja Danced (Cosmic) both places (Chidambaram &Thillaiyadi).
  • The God of saneeswaran(ANUKKIRAGA SANEESWARAN)also Located Independent and looking East Face (KIZHAKKU MUGAM)(same like Thirunallar) and there is no Navagraha in this temple. (it’s also be major feature)

Frequent public transport is available from Mayiladuthurai and Chidambaram, Karaikal, Thirunallar, Thirukadaiyur to here to you for easy worship at temple.

The name Thillaiyali &Thillaiyadiis believed to represent the association of God Shiva (SaranagathaRatchagar).
Thillaiyali (Thillai + Yali) Thillai = the God of Shiva (SaranagathaRatchagar)
Yali = its one type of Animal
Thillaiyadi (Thillai +Aadi)Thillai = the god of Shiva (Nataraja)
Aadi = Alinganam (RuthraThandavam).

  • In this place the God of Shiva Danced (RuthraThandavam) after the name called as THILLAIYADI
  • Yali prayed (With Vilva Pooja) in this place (the God of SaranagathaRatchagar) so the name called as THILLAIYALI

Sri Saranagatharatchagar Temple, also referred to as the Thillaiyadi Temple or Thillai Nataraja temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Nataraja – Shiva and AnukiragaSanieeswaran as the lord of Nataraja of dance – in Thillaiyadi, Thanjavur , Tamil Nadu, India.

The temple has fabulous Origin and a Shiva shrine existed (Suyambumoorthi) at the site when the town was known as Thillai or Thillaiyadi. The name of the Village and the temple literally means "Atmosphere of wisdom" or "clothed in thought", (Equivalent to Nataraja Temple Chidambaram) the temple architecture symbolizes the connection between the arts and spirituality, creative activity and the divine.

The present temple was built in the 10th century when Thanjavour was the capital of the Chola ancestry, making it one of the oldest surviving active temple complexes in Thanjavour South India. After its 10th century rededicate by the Cholas.

The temple has been damaged, repaired, renovated and expanded through the 2nd millennium. Most of the temple's surviving plan, architecture and structure is from the late 13th and early 15th centuries, with later additions in similar style.

While Shiva as Lingaa (Suyambu) and Nataraja is the primary deity of the temple, and saneeswaran (AnukkragaSaneeswaran) and Agasthiyar also located in separately.

Deities in the Temple:

The Thillaiyadi temple Shrine Lord of Shiva and Goddess Parvathi (Periyanayaki),Sani (Anukkraka Sani) shrines and idols of lords Cholavinayakar, Sri Murugan and, Natarajar with Siva kami and vilvavaneswarar, GajaLakshmi,Guru (Dhasnamoorthi), Lord Shiva with Parvathi (KatchiKoduthavar), Brahma, Bhirava (Bhiravar) Druga (Durgai Amman) Sandikeswarar, Agastya (AgasthiyaMunivar) and IlangaraMunivar situated in this temple.
Temple Worship Time:
Morning @ 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening @ 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Temple History (SthalaVaralaru):
SaranagathaRatchagar (Sarntharai Katha Swamy)

ThillaiyadiSarntharai Katha swami (Sarangatharatchagar) is equal to Thillai Nataraja (Chidambaram). The god of Nataraja danced (Cosmic) (Thandavam) for NandiamPeruman at the place of thillaiyadi.

The god of SaranagathaRatchagarsuyambulinga situated at thillaiyadi temple. The god of Nataraja located in 1000 places and the one is Chidambaram another one is for Thillaiyadi (Thillaiyali) –Akayasthalam (Atmospheric of wisdom).

Agasthiyar (Agastya muni)

The god of SaranagathaRatchagarsuyambulinga situated at thillaiyadi temple. The god of Nataraja located in 1000 places and the one is Chidambaram another one is for Thillaiyadi (Thillaiyali) –Akayasthalam (Atmospheric of wisdom).

Agasthiyar prayed in this temple. One time Agastya Muni faced disease (ThozhuNoi) and he prayed so many temples. But it's not lined and cured. After that he prayed in thillaiyadiSarntharai Katha swami (saranagathaRatchagar) and he bathed in Sakkara Theertham and the disease fully cured (cleared). And he surprised after that he prayed god with happiness and stayed in thillaiyadi long period and served (Pooja with vilvam) God few years.

Now we can visible agasthiya Muni (Agasthiyar) in this temple (Statue). And the statue is in disease position. And the agasthiyar having issues with hand and the statue also reflect the same.

Now we can see the same structure (Statue) in temple. And the importance of (Devotees are believe)“who one having disease with skin not cured by medicine with long time it will be Cured (cleared) once he comes”.


The god of Maha Vishnu killed Hiranyasuran. Hiranyasuran always given trouble to the Devotees and devas. So Maha Vishnu displeased with Hiranyasuran.
At the same time Hiranyasuran also devotee of God Shiva. And the Mahavishnu tried to relieve this incident (PAAVA VIMOCHANAM) .
After the incident Maha Vishnu prayed Shiva (SuyambuLinga) in this place (Thillaiyali) and Maha Vishnu Prayed with Vilvam (The God of SaranagathaRatchagar situated in between Vilavam Tree).
The God of (SaranagathaRatchagar) Given PAAVA VIMOCHANAM to Maha Vishnu
The God of Maha Vishnu used Vilvam for Archana (Puja) after the incident the place called as Vilvavanam.

Saneeswaran (Saturn)

Sri SaneeswaraBahwan (AnukkragaSaneeswaran) whom a separate sanctum is provided in this temple.

The presiding deity is SaranagathaRatchagar (Lord Shiva) and is believed to have been made of Vilva grass. The worship is also centered around the icon of planet Saturn, called Saniswarar, originally treated as the door keeper of the shrine. According to Hinduism, Saturn resides in each rasi(zodiac) for two and half years. The tradition is to worship Saniswarar before entering the inner sanctum of Lord Siva.

This is Temple (Thillaiyadi) Equivalent to Thirunallar temple that is dedicated to Lord Shani (AnukragaSaneeswaran). Whenever (planet) Saturn transits from one zodiac sign to another (an occurrence roughly every 2.5 years), millions throng this shrine for worship.

The legendary Agasthiyar is said to have been relieved of his afflictions caused by the malefic influence of Saturn (Anukkraha Sani) and Skin Disease (ThozuNoi), after worship in this temple. Of the numerous theertams (sacred bathing places), the Sakkara theertamis the most important one.

It is believed that by bathing here, one washes off all kinds of Skin Disease, misfortunes and afflictions caused by one's past of karmas (in terms of deities, Lord Shani or Saturn is said to be the dispenser of karmas (both good and bad), but also one whose Grace, particularly at this shrine, can dispel bad karmas or, at least, make them bearable).

  • Sani peyarchi festival: The great event in the temple is the Saturn Transit day festival and is called as Sani peyarchi festival for two days. Once in two and half years (2.1/2 Years) when 'Sani' changes his rasi or place.
  • Vakranivarthi (athicharam Pooja) : The great event in the temple is the Saturn Transit day festival (Before/After) and is called as Sani peyarchi and vakranivarthi festival. And the VakraNivarthi festival is Grand occasion in this place.
  • With 108 sanguabishegam with Pooja and homam.
PrahanNayagi (PeriyaNayaki)

The Prahannayaki temple has separate shrines for the goddess (Periyanayaki, Devi, Amman) and god (Shiva, Saranagatharatchagar), just like most Shaiva temples both open to the east. The Devi shrine is on the south side Face, while the Shiva Linga shrine is more centrally placed, to the north thus placing the goddess as the Guru Bahvan and durga. Right side (South side) within the complex, statue of Ilangaramunivar, and Chola Vinay agar and KatchiKoduthavar (Shiva and Parvathi) . The goddess shrine has the green stone image of PrahanNayaki, standing in bent-leg posture. Her raised hand holds a lotus, on which sits a Jebamalai (Akshayamalai).Her left hand hangs by her side and looks tall statue. This image is set in a square garbhagriya (central sanctum).

The metal version is used for a festive procession a distinct feature of Prahannayaki in terms of iconography is the presence of lotus in her right hand.

The SaranagathaRatchagar shrine has a stone linga in its square plan sanctum none of these travel during a festive procession. Rather, Saranagatharatchagar is represented in the form of Nataraja.

There is another metal symbolic image of Shiva called the Nataraja, which is merely a pair of embossed feet on thandavam.


People pray for removal of obstacles in marriage talk for child boon and progress in education.


Aadipooram, Thai Poosam, MasiMagam, Thirukarthigai, karthigaiSomavarm (1008 (conches) SonguAbishegam) panguniuthram,

History of Chola:
  • The temple has been damaged, repaired, renovated by Cholas and the year of 13th to 15th Century. With later additions in similar style.
  • In this temple build and renovated by Ilangarar(He is the minister of King Chola).
  • Thirukkadaiyur Sri Amirthakadeswarar temple and ThillaiyadiSaranagatharatchagar temple build and renovated by the same time and the century.

The king of Vikkiramachola planned to build in temple at thirukadaiyur and the plan execution work given to the minister Ilangarar. And the minister (Amaichar) Ilangarar started the work in mean while he came for site visit of temple construction via thillaiyadi.
And he (Ilangaramuni) visited in thilladai temple and he surprised to see Suyambulinga after that he more Charm with god of Shiva and he looked the destroyed temple condition.

And then he decided to build new temple in thillaiyadi. After few days construction work started in thillaiyadi temple. Without permission from King of Vikramachola. In mean while temple construction completed both thillaiyadi Sri SaranagathaRatchagar temple and Thirukadaiyur Sri AmirthaKadeswarar temple.

And the Minister Ilangarar Planned to do KUMBABISHEGAM (Consecration Ceremony) in thillaiyadi temple and the date also be fixed without King VikramaChola Permission. And the ilangarar not displaced anything to King Chola.

King of VikramaChola planned to Do Kumbabishegam in Thirukadaiyur Sri Amirthakadeswarar temple and the date fixed (Ilangarar shocked because ilangarar planned to do kumbabishegam(Consecration Ceremony) on the same day).

Ilangarar worried but he is not able to express the feelings to king of vikramachola, because he is not informed anything to king (thillaiyadi temple construction and kumbabishegam details).

And the ministers meeting completed and ilangarar went to home and discussed with his wife after decided we will complete the kumbabishegam on fixed date without king knowledge.

King Chola things about Thirukadaiyurkumbabishegam and sleepy. After sleep god comes to Vikramachola Dreams that time informed god of Shiva “I am not able to come your kumbabishegam(Consecration Ceremony) and I am going for Thillaiyadi “kumbabishegam on same day. And in my devotees are planned and date also be early fixed so you have to change your date like that informed the God.

Vikramachola shocked and surprised and immediately wake up on bed and instantly ordered to servants check if any temples in thillaiyadi, And the servant came back morning and he informed all the things and the king immediately moved to thillaiyadi. And the ilangarar stayed in thillaiyadi temple. King Chola angry with Ilangarar.

And he discussed after that ilangarar informed all the things. “It’s lord Shiva construction ok but without my knowledge how you can proceed? Questioned to Ilangarar but he is calm and Deep Remuneration Immediately King Chola informed to servants “Please to take both hands by knife “.

And the ilangarar shocked and he pray the god in welcome position. Servants taken knife and chop the ilangarar hand. “And the god immediately received by Leg“.

Katchi Koduthavar:

And there is no injury of Ilangarar, the God Shiva Leg chopped with bleeding. King VikramaChola shocked and praise the God with tears of eye.

All the peoples are looking the incident and praying the god. And king chola excused for the incident.

Ilangarar requested lord Shiva to stay in this place and lord obliged Ilanagarar and stayed in here named after the “KatchiKoduthavar

Lord Shiva informed to king construct new vinyaga temple inside and pray Vinay agar and me (KatchiKoduthavar) and then you will get SABHA VIMOCHANAM.The king continuous the same (Pooja, Archana, Vazhipadu) in life period.

After the vinayagar called as CholaVinayagar The day onwards ilangarar resigned the job and he served in thillaiyadi temple many days (also called as Ilagaramunivar).

“In this temple we can see the Chopped Leg Shiva with Parvathi and ilagaramunivar statue”
After the incident the God Shiva and Parvathi called as “katchikoduthavar”


  • Sani peyarchi festival: The great event in the temple is the Saturn Transit day festival and is called as Sani peyarchi festival for two days. once in two and half years (2 ½ ) when 'Sani' changes his rasi or place.
  • On the day previous to the day of transit, religious discourses and entertainments are arranged. On the festival day, Thiruppavai and Thiruvembavai are chanted at 5.00 a.m. An Abhishegam on a grand scale is performed for the Lord Saneeswara Baghavan (Anukragasanieeswaran).Oil, Milk, Curd, Rose-Water, Tender Coconut water, Fruit juice etc., are used for the Abhishegam.
  • Adi Pooram festival for one day for Ambal in July-August.
  • Aadipooram, Thai Poosam, MasiMagam, Thirukarthigai, karthigaiSomavarm (1008 (conches) SanguAbishegam) panguniuthram,
  • Theerthavari.10days Promotchavam (Theerthavari)
  • VinayagaChathurthi festival for Vinay agar for one day in August-September, NavarathriKolu, Ambu (Arrow) festival in September-October, Soorasamharam festival for seven days for Subramanyar in October-November.
  • Thiruvathirai festival for ten days in December-January. Sivarathri festival for Chandrasekarar and Ambal in February March.
Travel Information Thirukadaiyur to Thillaiyadi: 3 Kms (10 Min)

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